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Permissions Post for Baedel

part i.
Character name: Mabel Albans
Fandom: OC
Species: Humanish (partly undead/other)
Character powers: Wards - Mabel has an assortment of different wards that she’s cobbled together through trial and error. Though influenced by other symbols and alchemy signs, her wards are of her own invention and involve a lot of spirals, circles, and curving lines. She avoids sharpness in her drawing, always looping and connecting, and her medium is usually chalk, salt, or – if she has to – dust. The wards are very simple, consisting of commands like ‘DON’T CROSS’ or ‘STAY OUT’ and only have an effect on her intended supernatural targets. They’re crude and only work due to an infusion of her own power that she doesn’t quite understand. They wouldn’t stop a very powerful creature, especially one with superior magical abilities, but they’re effective on ghosts and the smaller creatures she normally deals with.

I See Dead People - To Mabel, the dead take on a very specific form – voiceless corpses who shamble down streets or crawl on walls, unable to communicate to her with words. Ghosts have a tendency to be naturally drawn to Mabel, another reason why she does not stay in one place for very long. Because of her inability to understand them, the dead are quite forceful in other ways – when she was little they used to pull her around by the hair. Nowadays she has more experience with being firm and avoiding their grabbing hands until she can get them to calm down – though she’s not always successful. Their inability to communicate often frustrates them, and her inability to know what they want makes them impatient. She’s often rewarded with bruises, scratches, and cuts, forcing her to wear long-sleeved clothes at all times. Her presence, though, is calming to them, and she can sometimes convince them to leave a place or ‘move on’ – it is her opinion that the whole moving on bit is bullshit, but she has no other explanation for why they sometimes disappear. Being in a different place, it's highly likely Mabel will encounter a greater range of ghosts - but her ability to communicate with them depends more on what kind of differences they have to the ordinary dead.

Almost Alive - Mabel can most accurately be described as mostly alive; on all fronts human, she is entirely that. But those with psychic or other abilities to sense the living will note something quite off about her. Her mind is a haze, making thoughts hard to pin down, and her soul ‘feels’ half-attached, as if it’s been anchored to her body in some unnatural way. Vampires and other flesh-eaters will find her blood unappealing, and those with heightened senses with note that she smells ever so vaguely of rot.

Proxy - Mabel’s strangeness is due to her nature; she is what is sometimes known as a proxy, or an agent in the Slender Man Mythos. Proxies are supposedly empty vessels in which the Slender Man uses to do his bidding – however strange or senseless that bidding is. In Mabel’s world, the proxies are the already dead, empty bodies infused with the Slender Man’s direct power and under his influence. They are dead and empty, they cannot be saved.

Mabel, however, was still alive when she was infused with this power – not only alive, but just a child, capable of aging. She retains her own personality and much of her own control. She is also, therefore, much more dangerous than the average proxy due to this control. Though she’s unaware of it, she’s capable of channeling it though other people, taking over their minds and using their bodies as puppets, though her range is highly limited. Mabel herself has to be in an altered state to do that, however, and the only thing so far capable of triggering it is the Slender Man.

part ii.
1.) Is it acceptable for your character to be mind-controlled or persuaded? How susceptible are they to mind control, hypnotism, or suggestion? Mabel is suspectable to mind control by eldrich horrors under specific situations. Superpowered individuals will have difficulty doing so due to her nature. Supernatural beings, however, especially those with powers over the dead, will find it easier to do so. (When in doubt, ask!)
2.) Is it acceptable for your character to have their mind read? Does this include traumatic memories? What is their mind like (disturbing, orderly, joyful, surprisingly empty, etc.)? If the character has psychic walls or preventative measures against psychic interference, please explain. Mabel's mind to most people will read like trying to listen to a radio through heavy static. It is possible, but not easy.
3.) Are thoughts mentioned in narration acceptable for a telepath to pick up? Possibly, depending on said telepath's powers and their origins? (Everything about this is complicated, sorry.)
4.) What about emotions, in the case of an empath? What sort of general emotional reading would such a character receive from yours? Emotional reading is A-OK. Mabel is of the type to have very strong emotions, particularly of the punchy kind.
5.) Are there any aspects of your character's mind, emotions, or memories you would like to be picked up, mentioned, or used in character? Conversely, is there anything that should not be noticed, or at least never mentioned? It is totally cool to call Mabel on the fact that she is kind of deadish and possibly should be munching on brains or something.

part iii.
1.) Physically speaking, what stands out about your character? Imposing size? Physical scarring? Tattoos? There is a tree-like pale scar covering her back, but she keeps this covered. Her arms and legs are covered in thin, long scars, and periodically she sports a fresh wound of a similar type.
2.) Is your character immune to any of the following: poisons, chemical agents, telekinetic influence, radiation, or types of illnesses? Mabel less effected by illness, chemicals, radiation, poins, etc, but it will nonetheless wear her down. Telekinetic influence is fully possible.
3.) Is your character physiologically different from a human in any way? This can include their blood, skin, hair, et cetera being made up of something unusual or simply differing in construction and durability. Mabel's blood tastes hella nasty. Don't eat her, vampires. She'll also smell slightly of rot to hypersensitive characters.
4.) Are you amenable to having your character be harmed in any way? How far are you comfortable with injury to you character going? Does this include being fed on by vampires, willingly or unwillingly? Feel free to injure her if the situation calls for it.
5.) Is it acceptable for other characters with abilities of shapeshifting or disguise to imitate your character? Does this include ability mimicry? Totally okay.

part iv.
1.) Can your character's presence or aura be noticed by other characters, and how would it look/feel to them? How would it manifest to a character with no supernatural abilities, if at all? Characters without any powers will perceive Mabel as they would anyone else. Those will the ability to sense souls or auras will detect something strange about her, like she's only half there. Those with the ability to sense supernatural or ghostly presences will note that she pings on their radar.
2.) Can your character be affected by magic spells and curses? Totally.
3.) Can your character be affected by sin and corruption, and be tempted toward expressing their darker urges (of whatever flavor)? Totally.
4. What sort of sins is the character prone toward, and how might they best be tempted, if you are interested in such an event? Mabel is prone to violence and quick to anger when provoked. She'd be quite tempted to take it out on people she thinks deserves it; racists, murderers, horrible people in general, etc. If she feels like it can be justified, she won't hesitate to beat the shit out of someone (or worse, if influenced toward it).
5.) Are you amenable to the character receiving prophetic visions, including as part of a plot? Totally.

part v.
1.) Is canon-puncturing or fourth-walling acceptable? We encourage people to tread extremely lightly with allowing their character to learn they are fictional. Preferably not.
2. Is threadjacking allowed? Under what circumstances? Absolutely.
3. Is it acceptable for canonmates that are updated further than yours to inform your character of events yours has not yet experienced? Not... really applicable but if anyone else Slendy related shows up, go wild.
4. Are there triggering or upsetting topics you would like other characters to avoid mentioning to yours for the sake of continued comfort (racist words, homophobia, self-injury, etc.)? Mabel will not hesitate to punch your characters in the face if they prove to be racist, sexist assholes.
5. Are there any additions you would like us to make to this survey? S'all good.