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Mabel Albans sees dead things. As a paranormal investigator, half-medium half-exorcist, it is her job to find out what the dead want and to tell the living what they want to hear. It pays her bills and keeps her frequently on the move, one step ahead of whatever she's running from.

Thing is, she can see everything between the living and the dead too. They lurk in corners and hide in shadows, they come from the woods or linger just on the other side of the mirror. Not all of them want to hurt people, but that doesn't mean they aren't all dangerous.

Unfortunately, they also see her.

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This is a roleplaying journal. The played-by is the lovely Rutina Wesley.

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black eyed children, candle cove, corners, dead, dead things, demons, devils, empty places, ghosts, ghouls, graves, graveyards, masks, mirrors, monsters, seals, secrets, signs, the slenderman
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